Magnetic Drain Plug for 2005 Panoz Esperante V8-4.6L

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AP02 M14x1.5 GoldPlug Magnetic Drain Plug / Model # AP-02

14mm Automotive Magnetic Drain Plug. Pulls metal particles from your engine.

17mm Hex Head

M14 x 1.5 Threads,  11mm Thread Length, 17mm External Hex, 24mm dia. flange, 25.5mm OAL

AP-02 AP02

Polaris Industries # 3083453 3090090

Polaris Industries # 3086749

Mazda HE0310404 ; 995111400; 9951-11-400

VW # N0160276


Honda 90009 R70 A00 90009-R70-A00

 Corteco 220110S 220049H

 Corteco 220117S 220056H

 Corteco 220138S 220077H

 Corteco 220150S 220075H

 Corteco 220154S 220084H

$25.50 + S/H

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